Published: 21st November 2011
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There are an increasing number of similar products appearing in the market place. Some work very well. Others donít. Unlike some companies, we wonít try to baffle you with science. Most of the better products have similar active ingredients - despite the fancy names and pseudoscience their marketing departments concoct.

None of these products are perfect Ė neither is ours and you will face some compromises when using it. Here is what you can expect. If your skin is already fairly tight and you only have fine lines, the result will not be spectacular you see in our video and photos. These shots are completely authentic but these users had quite a bit of room for improvement.

If you are unsure, try it anyway. We stand by our guarantee for whatever reason you choose to return the product. We can afford to do this because for the vast majority of people the results are significant and we get few returns. If you are one of the few people that it doesnít suit we would at least like you to be happy with us if not with the product.
When you start using Erase Instant Face lift your skin may feel tight, perhaps even mask like. This feeling will passed. The product is returning your skin to where it was 10 or 15 years ago and it takes your facial nerves a while to adapt to the new (actually old!) position. After you have used it a few times you wonít notice it. The feeling is just renewed skin tightness. Unlike Botoxô or some other products, Erase Instant Face lift does not inhibit muscle movement in any way. Look in the mirror; move your face and you will see that it looks completely normal Ė just a lot younger!

Although the effects last an average of 8 hours before they start to diminish, these results can vary. Humidity, activity - especially outdoors in the sun when you perspire heavily, swimming, and your skin type, is it oily or dry. All of these may affect the time the product will be effective on your face.
Fortunately with Instant Face lift you can spot touch or do a full application any number of times without any side effects. It will do no harm to your skin. With prolonged use you will find your skin starts to some extent, to retain its new position. In other words there is a longer term reduction in the number and severity of wrinkles if Erase Instant Face lift is used regularly.

If you use too much you will get a white residue on your face. You can either cover this with makeup or wash it off and re-apply less. You will quickly learn how little you need for it to be effective and once you do the white residue will not be a problem.

Unfortunately you canít use moisturizer while using Erase Instant Face lift. Moisturizer negates the effect. There are a few ways around this: Use a very light moisturizer 20 minutes before you apply Erase Instant Face lift or moisturize overnight only.

Because most sunscreens are oil based they will also negate the effect of Erase Instant Face lift. Keep this in mind if you are going to spend a lot of time outdoors. Many makeup products are oil based and thus will also negate the effects of Erase Instant Face lift. Mineral based make ups are fine to use. Try them if you havenít done so before. Most people really like them.

For people with naturally dry skin the reduced use of moisturizers can become a problem. If your skin becomes dry because you canít moisturize as much as you would like, consider using Instant Face lift only on special occasions. It wonít cause this problem if you donít use it every day.

For some users the feeling will be dry and perhaps a little scaly even on first use. This is mainly as a result of an excess of product being applied. Wait until it is totally dry and then rub your face with a dry facial tissue. Your skin will be nice and smooth afterwards.

Instant Face lift by Erase is generally kind to sensitive skin types. However a very small number of our customers have experienced skin irritation after application. This often pases after a few uses but unless it is very mild and does actually go away quickly; our recommendation is not to continue with the product but simply return it under our money back guarantee.

If you would like to look yearís younger give erase Instant Face lift a try. Most users have no issues at all and those that do can usually work around them in the ways described above. If you find it still does not suit you we will happily refund your money less the small shipping cost.

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